Air Seeder Flow Control


Most air seeders like J.D. 777 or flexi-coil current production
(1990 & onward) use a small Gresen mgg 200 motor direct coupled to the fan and consumes about 9 gallons per minute.
Other systems like Bourg Ault, Morris and new flexi-coil use between 9 to 12 gpm to operate various types of direct drive fan motors.
They have a different air delivery system to 770/785/655/665 units with an entirely different fan.
You can “rob” this flow off your present qualified hydraulic system for seeding, by adjusting an installed flow control package system* to give you the desired fan speed. At any time you are not using the seeder/drill, return the control to zero; then 100% of pump flow
will be restored to the tractor conventional directional control valve. The components can be placed where it is convenient.
We suggest mounting them outside the cab.
Component package from $1400 cdn
Cut and fit hose package from $1400 cdn
*flow control package system includes; flow control, solenoid operated directional control valve, sub plate & relief valve along with 3/4″
capacity plumbing including hi-flow true 3/4″ quick couplers. Look elsewhere on our web pages to see installed Massey and Stieger examples.
For more information, check out Massey/Steiger Air Seeder Conversion.
This page is not an offer to provide free technical advice.
If you buy our system we will support your technical needs!
Note: not applicable to John Deere tractors.