Power Steering Hose Repair System

The world’s most versatile power steering hose repair system!

CLAMP OLD HOSE in vise, biting on the metal end of the failed hose. CUT OFF the tube as squarely as possible.

CLEAN AND DRESS the cut tube, using EMERY CLOTH, SMALL FILE, TUBE DEBURRING TOOL. (Don’t touch with oily fingers). Flux the tube and apply the brass tube nut.

APPLY HEAT (use a propane torch) to the Brass Tube Nut. The flux will melt, (if heat applied properly the flux turns clear) indicating proper temperature of material for silver to melt, Touch the silver solder to the joint, using about 1/4″ to 1/2″ of wire.

MEASURE hose length and replace with a Hydratec Power Steering hose.

YOU’RE READY! And it’s guaranteed for the life of the vehicle!