We remanufacture hydro-static drives:

Eaton, Sunstrand & Dynapower for mining

Many exchange units available.

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Cylinder Service Centre:

Cylinders – Large Diameter

Strengthened facility with the addition of a Cylinder Nut Torquing Machine.

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New seal service centre:

Precision Lapping and Reconditioning of:

  • Mechanical Seals
  • Valve Seals
In carbon, ceramic, tungsten carbide, silicone carbide, NI-resist, stainless steal.
We would welcome your enquiries for the Lapping and Resurfacing of seal faces and valve seats to any diameter.

Precision Grinding

Custom Grinding and Lapping of pistons, valve plates, mechanical seals.

Power Lapping to 16″ Diameter

Tolerances to .000001″ (One millionth of an Inch)